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Eco Mega Cookers- Have innovative energy saving design which saves LPG 70%, designed ideally for large kitchens, industrial canteens, big hostels a...(more)

Price ₹

INR 1.25 lakh /Piece


This product is ideally suited for large kitchens, industrial canteens, big hostels and community kitchens. It has cooking capacity of 120 lits, and can cook food for over 300 people at a time. comes with “Cook & Serve” pots, which can be taken directly from cooker to the serving counter. Saves 70% of LPG, Retains aroma & nutrition in the food, Can cook multiple items at a time, Comes with ...(more)

Product Specifications

Size: 820mm height x 950mm dia
Weight 40Kgs
LPG consumption 1000gms for 10Kgs of dry rice, 450gms for 150idlys

Working Principle

The functionality of EcoCooker is a result of rigorous research carried out over several years. While EcoCooker uses the same fuel as is popular in most kitchens and is easily available - LPG or Biomass gas.

Eco cooker comes in two models – LPG as well as Biomass. A direct connection with the fuel source, such as gas cylinder, needs to be established. Once that is done, the raw food to be cooked needs to be stored inside the cooking pots. EcoCooker knows which food item needs how much heat and at what points during the cooking process the requirement for heat goes down. Once the actual cooking process starts, the Eco Cooker provides calculated heat to the food item as and when needed.

Range: EcoCooker is ideal for cooking large quantities of rice, dal or idlees, it can also be used to cook vegetables such as potatoes and beans as well as any kind of meat.

Healthier food, greater Taste: As a result of an extensive study to find out the exact heat requirements of typical Indian food (rice – 74° C and dal - 92° C), EcoCooker retains all essential food nutrients by avoiding overcooking. Its ability to rotate heat evenly in 3600 ensures that the food is evenly cooked, which avoids undercooking and offers great taste. The food cooked in EcoCooker also offers better aroma as compared with the food cooked in a pressure cooker or in open pot.

About the Company

"E Solar Shoppe", founded in 2012, is a pioneering Trader, Supplier, and Retailer firm, focused on providing high performing Solar Water Heater and Solar Cooker. We are founded with a mission to present end to end answer for modern day energy needs in the form of sustainable energy supplies, which includes Solar Water Heater, Solar Cooker to Solar Steam Generator. We are widely accepted as a tr...(more)


Registered Address
101, No. 72-5-124/1, S S K Kandaries,
Bharat Nagar Besides Indian Bank,
Moosapet, Hyderabad - 500038,
Telangana, India
Contact Number: 08042952543


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