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Vertical Agitated Thin Film Dryer- This technology is specially designed for food processing system plants where the dryer is used for converting ...(more)

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Product Specifications

  • This type of dryer is used for converting concentrated material to solid/semi solid form.
  • This is designed with vacuum system / without vacuum system.
  • Solvents/water is collected through condenser.
  • Feed is pumped to heat exchanger where it is scrapped/agitated through series of multiple blades on the inner surface of a vertical shell and shell is heated by steam.
  • Due to vigorous agitation the heat transfer is fast and slurry is converted to solid/semi-solid form.




  • Effluent concentration and drying 
  • Solvent recovery and drying 
  • Fruits & Vegetables 

About the Company

This is an ISO certified company which was established in 1977. The company offers a wide range of projects, equipment, and innovative solutions based on advanced modern technologies to the food, dairy, beverages and chemical industries globally. Their main vision is to provide cost effective and highly efficient services and solutions to their customers. They set up their waste water treatment...(more)


13 Mile Stone, Mathura Road
Mathura Road
Faridabad - 121003 Haryana, India

Contact Person: Arindam Sardar
Contact Number: +91-8071875506


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