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S. S Engineering Corporations

Raw Water Treatment Plants- S.S. Engineering Corporation offers systems for purification and conditioning of raw water as per process requirements ...(more)

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Product Specifications

  • Water Softeners.
  • Dealkalisers.
  • Resin based demineralization plants.
  • Micron Filtration Systems.
  • Membrane Separation Systems.
  • Ultra filtration.
  • Nano filtration.
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Desalination plants

About the Company

S.S Engineering Corporation established in the year 2008 offers a board range of experience and expertise in Waste Water Treatment Plant & Drinking Water Treatment Plant treatment system in terms of Designing, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance. An experienced team of professionals spanning from all aspects of water chemistry techniques and environmental and chemical eng...(more)


Plot No. 131,
Udyog Kender II,
Eco- Tech III Road,
Uttar Pradesh, India

Contact Person: Anil Jha ( Manager )
Contact Nmber: 08071927535


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