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ESB-R biomass gasifier is a downdraft gasifier where air is introduced into downward flowing packed bed or solid fuels and gas is drawn off at the ...(more)

Price ₹

4.35 Lakh


ESB-R biomass gasifier is a downdraft gasifier which are composite in size, requires less initial and maintenance cost.

Product Specifications

  • Model Name: ESB-R05
  • Capacity: 5KW
  • Biomass consumed per hour: 7-10kg/hr
  • Acceptable feedstock: 1. Crop residues such as rice husk,paddy, mustard husk, cotton stalk etc.
  • Output: 5KW
  • Charcoal Generated: Up to 2-5% ( depends on biomass quality)
  • Average Gas Calorific Value (Kcal/Nm3): Upto 1,100
  • Moisture Content (%): Less than 20%

Some of unique features which makes it more advantageous than the other available products in market are as follows:

1. Smallest in size, PORTABLE, sound proof system. Most suitable for villagers as they have plenty of agro-waste available with them which can be used to produce their own electricity by using this gasifier. As it’s a portable unit, the villagers can use it in multiple purposes like in day time they can use it for irrigating their farms and use it to electrify their house in nights.

2. Maximum automization like automatic initial firing.

3. Most of the available gasifier in market use water for cleaning the gas which requires a huge quantity of water and water purification plant which results in high cost. We use dry filtration where these things are not required.

4. Reliable, rugged and compact system.

5. Low maintenance and easy to operate.

6. Reachable to both urban and rural people.

7. Replace the fossil fuel.

8. Environmental friendly.

About the Company

Enersol Biopower Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of biomass gasifier, biogas plant, improved biomass stove, pellet stove and compost aerator machine. With the help of an expert team lead by Mr.Raisingh Dhiya, we have been enable to provide a wide range of renewable products to our pioneer customers.


Plot No. 1,
Jaisalya, Road Number 17
VKI Area
Jaipur - 302013
Rajasthan, India

Contact Person: Neeru Chahar
Contact Number: +91-8071803454


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