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Berger Paints

Bison Acrylic Distemper is a-100% water based acrylic co-polymer emulsion designed for interior walls. Available in both factory-made ready shades ...(more)

Price ₹

60 per Kg

Product Specifications

Brand Berger Paints Paints
Category Interior
Durability Low (2-3yrs)
Type Interior
Coverage 50-55 sqft/kg (2 coats)
Finish Matt
Availability 1,2,5,10,20
Unit Kg
Price Rs.60

About the Company

Berger Paints is another leading paint company that has a broad customer base in India. Through their Green Horizon endeavor, the company seeks to protect the environment by producing better products. Berger Paints has removed lead, mercury and chromium from its paints, which are toxic to the human body. The company has also greatly reduced VOCs (8.4 gram per liter in its Breathe Easy Emulsions...(more)


Berger House 129 Park Street, Kolkata 700017


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