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SBR based polymer for repair & waterproofing Latex Plus is Styrene-Butadiene Latex based liquid for waterproofing & multi-purpose repair work.

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Product Specifications

Method of Application

Surface Preparation

  • Surface to be treated must be thoroughly cleaned from all kind of laitance, oils, grease etc.
  • Mechanical means such as shot blasting, wire brushing can be used followed by vacuum cleaning of all loos materials. Degrease the surface by using suitable solvents
  • Repair the spalled concrete section by saw, cutting the extrem edges of the repairable portion – at least to a depth of 10 mm to avoid featheredging & to afford better bonding
  • Roughe the surface by light scrabbling or grit blasting
  • Expose corroded rebar in the repairing area totally. Remove all loose scale & depositions followed by immediate cleaning.


  • For priming of concrete substrate, the surface should be thoroughly washed with clean water
  • Remove excess water. Make sure that the surface is damp but touch dry – before application
  • Prepare the 'primer coat' by mixing 1 part Latex Plus with 3 parts of fresh cement. Slowly mix cement with Latex Plus to obtain a smooth consistency. Continue mixing the slurry during application to prevent settlement
  • For priming of exposed rebars, mix 1 part Latex Plus with (2.5–3) parts of fresh cement & apply on the substrate.

Preparation of Mortar

  • Hand mixing is permissible only for 20 Kgs of the total mix weight or less quantity
  • A forced action PAN mixer is recommended to prepare a homogeneous mortar mix with Latex Plus. Use a suitable sized drum with heavy duty electrical drill machine fitted with spiral paddle mixer at a speed of 400–500 rpm
  • Charge the mixer with required quantity of clean, dry sand, cement & mix for 2 minutes. Mix recommended dosage of Latex Plus with half of the gauging water & add to the sand-cement mix. Mix for another 3-4 minutes to avoid air entrapment. Keep on slowly adding the rest of water until the required consistency is obtained. Don't add extra water.

Packs Available

500 g., 1 Kg., 5 Kgs., 20 Kgs.


Approx. 20 – 22 ft2/kg for 2 coats (Latex Plus + OPC in ratio of 1 : 1.5).

About the Company

Berger Paints is another leading paint company that has a broad customer base in India. Through their Green Horizon endeavor, the company seeks to protect the environment by producing better products. Berger Paints has removed lead, mercury and chromium from its paints, which are toxic to the human body. The company has also greatly reduced VOCs (8.4 gram per liter in its Breathe Easy Emulsions...(more)


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