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Nyassa Fresh Cut Grass with Morning Dew Air Perfume takes you to the clean and green pasture lands that are adorned with the glistening morning de...(more)

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Refreshingly lively, this air freshener fills up your home and office with its fresh and energetic smell. The alluring fragrance is created by mixing lemongrass and basil together.

Product Specifications

The fresh scent of lemongrass and the herbaceous aroma of basil make for a refreshing combination. The association of fresh cut grass fragrance with sunny summers and stunning springtime always creates a feeling full of hope and life. The room spray contains water-based perfume and is free from any alcohol content. Spray it at home or office and sit back and relax!

Fragrance Type: Fresh

Fragrance Scale: Strong

About the Company

Ten years ago when we started it wasn’t easy, ten years later it still isn’t easy. To create unique bath and body products from the finest of natural ingredients, to blend that with some of the most exotic fragrances, offer them in a wide range of diverse products, to constantly innovate and diligently research, to understand the myriad ways in which hundreds of nutritious and efficacious n...(more)


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