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Bakeys’ edible cutlery is made from different kinds of flours that are highly nutritious and do not cause harm to our body unlike the cheap plast...(more)

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They are baked at a high temperature and therefore has no moisture in it. These edible spoons come in different flavors and make your dining experience healthy and tasty as well. You can eat it but if you wish to skip eating it, it also decomposes pretty quickly and acts as a great fertilizer. The biggest positive is that it is fairly cheap, which allows an average Indian household to think of ...(more)

Product Specifications

Narayana Peesapati and his wonderful venture Bakeys has been a game changer in the biodegradable cutlery market. The entire concept of eating the edible cutlery after the meal is an innovative thinking, which has simply got rid of the worry of decomposing the product after use.

Size   : 150mm  

Weight   : 11grams

About the Company

The company, BAKEYS FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED was established in 2010 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India as an alternative to disposable plastic/wood cutlery and bamboo chopsticks. After much research, we have designed the product, used it and enhanced it so that the user feels comfortable in all aspects of using cutlery. The products’ popularity has won good feedback. We were excited with tha...(more)


Bakeys Foods Private Limited
#1-7-12, Chippendale,
416, Golconda cross road,
Hyderabad - 500020, Telangana, INDIA.


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