Sustainable biz updates - for industries, solutions, innovation & impact

Solutions for clean energy and environment present exciting markets. These markets are growing fast worldwide, much faster than most realize.

The rapid growth of these markets, coupled with the criticality of the challenges they address, have resulted in an exceptional number of sustainability solutions, concepts, companies and activities in almost every major industry around the world.

Worldwide, the total employed in the clean energy sector alone is about 11 million. Employment in the overall sustainability sector could be an order of magnitude higher, with a good percentage of them being white collar professionals. These numbers will increase significantly in the coming years.

The sustainability sector is thus already quite large, but interestingly, it is still in its early phase, with many technologies, solutions, business models and market drivers in their formative stages. Value creation in such an emerging, dynamic and complex business ecosystem can be significantly enhanced through avenues that provide focussed intelligence to industry professionals.

E2Expo is a comprehensive online platform catering to the awareness and business intelligence needs of the global energy and environmental sustainability industry.

Our target audience include sustainability professionals, senior management, marketing executives, policy makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and financial investors - across industries, solutions and geographies.

If you wish to know about E2Expo in a minute from our elevator pitch, see here

E2Expo provides focussed intelligence to these stakeholders through industry and solution focussed sections for product launches, projects, innovations, industry announcements, emerging concepts and more. We also have interactive sections where the audience can engage in interesting ways.

All updates and insights are targetted at business users and are provided in concise, easy-to-read and engaging formats.

In the near future, we will be adding sections to make E2Expo also an effective platform for businesses to create awareness about and promote their sustainability solutions.

We welcome you to explore E2Expo and tell us how we can help you in your sustainability efforts. If you would like to interact with our co-founder Narasimhan Santhanam, you can reach him at +91-9841348117 (India)

And for those who are curious, the E2 in E2Expo stands for Energy & Environment.

About EAI, E2Expo’s parent company

E2Expo was started by the team that founded and runs EAI, a leading Indian cleantech management consulting firm.

When we started Energy Alternatives India (EAI) in late 2008, renewable energy was hardly spoken about. We were the first boutique business consulting firm in India for this (then) fringe topic. There was not much business in the first few years, but we were confident that sustainable energy and cleantech would be the future. Which was why we have persisted with this industry for over a decade.

While a large part of our work in the last decade has been in market/industry research and management consulting for the cleantech sector, as we were the earliest mover, we were fortunate enough to be involved in a few other dimensions of cleantech - specifically in assisting cleantech companies in marketing/business development, and in organizing many successful exhibitions and conferences.

While we like consulting and research, right from the start we have been keen to do something whose benefits reached orders of magnitude more stakeholders than just a few consulting clients.

This thought process, combined with the unique mix of expertise we had gathered in marketing and event organization in this specialized sector, brought us to E2Expo.

We are hoping that our decade-long focus and efforts can now be applied to something that can make a difference to a much, much larger spectrum, and for the most important challenge facing our generation.

Thank you for wanting to know about us. If you wish to know further about the highlights of the work we had undertaken over the last 12 years, please see the section below.

Timeline of EAI and its key divisions

Highlights of prominent work & achievements

EAI has undertaken over 200 consulting assignments in clean energy and cleantech since 2009. We have assisted a wide spectrum of stakeholders in our consulting work - from small startups to state and central governments to some of the world’s largest corporates.

Prominent global corporates & organizations include GE, GSK, Reliance, Vedanta, Exxon Mobil, La Farge, Pepsi, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, Amway & UL.

Our consulting and research have also spanned a diverse spectrum within cleantech - solar energy, wind power, bio-energy & biofuels, sustainable packaging, waste to energy, electric mobility and renewable chemicals.

The following are some of the prominent assignments.

Market research & reports

  • Comprehensive algae fuel report
  • Algae-based wastewater treatment report
  • Algae-based CO2 capture report
  • Algae product opportunities
  • Algae nutraceuticals business opportunities guide
  • Bioplastics Market & Strategy Advisor
  • India rooftop solar expert guide
  • India MW solar advisor
  • Solar profits
  • India solar EPC blueprint
  • India solar cell manufacturing
  • India solar module manufacturing guide
  • India EV expert guide
  • India EV database
  • EVI2 - EV Innovation Intelligence

EAI and its divisions have published over 35 white papers across cleantech domains in the past ten years.

Events - Exhibitions, Conferences & Workshops

EAI has organized many events on its own and has also assisted other organizations in their events. Some of these prominent organizations include WWF, US, UK & Canadian governments, state governments of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh, IIT Madras, CII, UL, Exhibitions India, India Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Association and more.


Prominent events co-ordinated by EAI

Year Event Location Role Highlights
2009 India Renewable Summit New Delhi Marketing & operations coordinator One of the first solar energy themed conference in India
2010 REI - Renewable Energy India Expo New Delhi Media & knowledge partner India’s largest RE expo
2011 REI - Renewable Energy India Expo New Delhi Media & knowledge partner India’s largest RE expo
2012 RENERGY 2012 Chennai Marketing & operations coordinator India’s largest RE conference. Organized by TEDA
2012 REAction 2012 Chennai Organizer First Indian clean energy conference to include all relevant renewable energy sectors 
2012 Wind Power India 2012 Chennai Marketing & operations coordinator India’s largest RE conference
2013 RENERGY 2013 Chennai Marketing & operations coordinator India’s largest RE conference & workshop, Organized by TEDA
2014 RENERGY 2014 Chennai Marketing & operations coordinator India’s largest RE conference & workshop, Organized by TEDA
2015 The Green Chemicals Conference Hyderabad Organizer India’s first green chemicals conference
2016 India Solar EPC Summit Bengaluru Organizer One of India's largest solar EPC summits
2016 Cleancubator cleantech incubator contest Chennai Organizer One of the first cleantech incubation contests in India
2017 India Bioplastics Summit Bengaluru Organizer India’s first bioplastics summit
2017 Carbon Zero Challenge Chennai Marketing coordinator A pan-India college cleantech contest organized by IIT Madras & US Consulate
2018 HYREX EV Summit Hyderabad Marketing & operations coordinator One of the first EV conferences in India organized by EcoSURE
2018 India EV Summit Chennai Organizer Over 400 participants, a record
2018 Climate Solver contest by WWF Chennai Marketing coordinator Had attendees from over 20 diverse stakeholder segments
2019 Power2Drive Bengaluru Marketing & operations coordinator Organized by Intersolar, one of the leading RE events firms worldwide

Thought leadership

EAI’s top management has been recognized as thought leaders in the Indian clean energy market. In the past ten years, our team has:

  • Moderated industry expert discussions at 25+ national and international sustainability conferences.
  • Presented at prominent international events in the US (Houston, New Jersey & San Jose), Singapore, Mexico, Italy & the UK.
  • Judged 15+ clean energy and related innovation contests at prestigious institutes such as the IITs, ISB etc.
  • Published 25+ articles in prominent media publications.

Interesting accomplishments

Oilgae - The site Oilgae (Oil + Algae) was started in 2006 when the co-founders identified that algae fuels could be a potential large-scale source of liquid fuels. For the first few years, it was the only site worldwide that was dedicated to providing detailed inputs on algae fuels research and commercial development. The site was so popular globally among the target segment during the 2006-2010 period that the algae fuels industry was called the Oilgae industry in its initial years!

Suseum, the Sustainability Museum - As an experiment, EAI conceptualized, designed and ran a unique museum for sustainability in Chennai, between 2013 and 2015. Called the Suseum (for Sustainability Museum), it had working models and live products from various clean energy, environment and sustainability sectors. The Suseum also held workshops for school and college children. It was quite popular during the experimental period, with over 60 schools visiting us for workshops and over 750 visitors from various walks of life, which included international college students. A video of Suseum can be seen here

Co-author of Children’s book on Climate Change - The co-founder, Narasimhan, has also published a children’s book on the theme of climate change, which he wrote along with his (then) 9 year old niece. Titled “Will Jinjinoo Drown?”, it is about two children who save the world with some miraculous intervention by algae. The book is free of cost and can be downloaded from here.