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Handcrafted apparel and lifestyle products aligned to local culture and values

Updated : November 2020


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Improving livelihoods of rural artisans through native handcrafts business

Okhai offers handcrafted apparel and lifestyle products created by rural artisans from across India. The Okhamandal region is the drought-prone area of Gujarat where handicraft is the most promising source of livelihood.  Okhai has been identified as a promising means of generating livelihood for hundreds of rural artisans. Okhai has made a significant contribution to the lives of the women artisans working with it, which has helped improve their economic as well as social status.

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Economic empowerment of women

Native handicraft

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As a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),  Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD)  has launched Okhai through which they extend the hand of empathy towards the rural women. Hence, giving them the opportunity to be independent.

Highlights and sustainability benefits

At present, over 2300 rural artisans are benefiting from this programme, with a goal to reach 5,000 over the next five years. Artisans are earning a monthly income of Rs 500 to Rs 16,000 depending on the hours they work at home or the centre, their skill level and design difficulty. Special training on costing, designs and visual merchandising coupled with factory visits are provided on an ongoing basis to keep the women in touch with the latest trends, colours and fashions.

About the Work

As a brand, Okhai Handicrafts constitutes ladies’ wear, men’s wear, home décor products, and accessories. Okhai products use mirror work, patchwork, and embroidery created as a vibrant expression of the rural way of life, their rituals, and their legends.


The World Rural Women’s Day is celebrated as Okhai Day in Mithapur.

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