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Everyday accessories made from fallen teak leaves

Updated : November 2020


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Fallen teak leaves for fashion accessories

Leafii was born out of a desire to share high quality, handmade goods that are unique, beautiful and in harmony with nature. Materials such as teak leaves that are abundant, natural and highly regenerative are repurposed into something useful without hiding what they are, but rather showcasing their intricate patterns and natural variations. Leafii creates sustainable and stylish bags, wallets and accessories made with natural vegan materials.

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Accessories made using leaf leather

Fallen teak leaves for textile accessories

Fashion materials from regenerative plants

Animal-free leather accessories

Medicinal plants for fashion

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Leafii strives to promote the reduction of environmental destruction and unnecessary animal suffering by offering items that are sustainably produced and free of animal products. Leaves as a material is also a symbol of their shared values to create a sustainable environment.

Highlights and sustainability benefits

Leafii tries to be minimally invasive and takes leaves that have already fallen off the trees. There may also be some light, low level clipping but they do not cut the trees. The key aspect is that the leaves are easily regenerated.

The dyes used are animal-free and non-toxic. The teak leaves are also non-toxic, they're even edible and often used medicinally in many parts of the world.

About the Work

This earth and animal friendly material is made using sustainably harvested teak leaves to provide useful everyday items while preserving the natural beauty of leaves. They offer products such as coin pouches, credit card wallets, passport wallets, sophia wallets, and totes. Each Leafii accessory is made with fallen teak leaves ethically sourced from Northern Thailand to create a truly unique textured vegan leather. Leafii bags and wallets are extremely durable due to the BOPP film coating which makes them resistant to stains and water.


The material does not need to be conditioned or treated like other leather products.

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