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Not-for-profit fashion brand driving social entrepreneurship

Updated : November 2020


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Enabling social entrepreneurs through eco friendly garment sales

Origin Africa is a Not-for-profit fashion brand that is providing capable and trusted social entrepreneurs capital derived from the profits of its clothing. They sell t-shirts of varying sizes having unique and minimalistic prints. 100% of their profits fund community driven, needs based projects. These projects are to invest in and establish social businesses with a targeted social purpose - child health through sanitation, female empowerment through skills training and education, supply of affordable non-communicable disease medications and education in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Ethical fashion driving commenity leadership

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  1. Origin Africa


Origin Africa


| United Kingdom

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Origin was established with the purpose of raising funds for humanitarian development projects through the sale of ethically produced clothing. 100% of profits are invested in locally driven businesses with a targeted social purpose. These social businesses are run by inspiring local people. By selling environmental friendly t-shirts, they are able to provide funding to carefully selected social entrepreneurs - helping them create their own freedom and generate lasting positive impacts around them: social mobility, financial independence, job creation & social change.

Highlights and sustainability benefits

The organizations that Origin Africa partners with has credible certifications that include GOTS, Oeko-Tex and Fairwear Foundation and as well ensure the manufacturing process is carbon neutral.


About the Work

Origin Africa is committed to creating ethical garments. Their tees are supplied by leaders in organic cotton goods. In the creation of all their products, they are committed to using high quality, carefully sourced, planet-friendly materials and most importantly they focus on the sustainability of both products and projects. Their base sweatshirts are created by Earth Positive. This organisation has a carbon neutral manufacturing process as well as GOTS, Oeko-Tex and Fairwear Foundation certification. They ensure that the material is recycled and printing dyes are vegan-approved and non-toxic.


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