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Renewable energy based machines for textile weavers and producers

Updated : November 2020


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Solar textile machines to enable non-farm rural employment

Resham Sutra is a renewable energy based rural livelihood enabling company. They are focused on rural silk yarn production and fabric weaving, which are the largest non-farm rural employment options in many states of India. The organization has innovated a number of machines that make these activities more paying, improve quality and remove drudgery. They have a registered office in Jharkhand, a manufacturing facility in Delhi and presence in 14 states of India.

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Livelihood management through renewable energy powered machinery

Solar powered textile machines

Non farm rural textile employment

Renewable energy for silk yarn production

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  1. Resham Sutra


Resham Sutra


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Resham Sutra designs, manufactures and implements machines for rural livelihoods based on solar power. More than 10,000 rural people are using their machines to make fine quality silk yarn and fabric in over 300 villages of India. They aim to bring new generation in to the age old crafts using modern tools and help them earn respectable livelihood in the village so they continue to live eco-friendly, sustainable life at home.

Highlights and sustainability benefits

  • They facilitate creation of sustainable employment in rural areas to reduce poverty and focus on empowering women through opportunities of self employment in reeling, spinning & weaving.
  • They encourage protection of forests, water resources and environment and are committed to promoting solar power to be fully sustainable.

About the Work

Resham Sutra offers 6 different types of machines that enable rural artisans to earn a livelihood in a sustainable manner such as the Solar Silk Reeling Machine, Reeling + Twisting Machine, High Efficiency Loom, Reeling / Re-reeling Charkha, etc. Resham Sutra’s range of affordable electric reeling machines – many of which are powered by solar energy and use 10 per cent of the power of a standard motorized machine – improve working conditions for women reeling silk from cocoons. This has proved to be a huge time and energy saver as traditionally, a process called thigh-reeling was employed – one which was physically demanding and considered undignified labour resulting in younger people opting out of the industry.


They are investing in newer models of equipment that can help replace time-intensive manual work, saving labour-hours, increasing productivity and gaining market competitiveness. They are developing low cost technology that ensures efficiency in time, energy and investment. The company is an Ashden award winner (Climate solutions in action) in 2019.

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