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Guidance on apparel and footwear sector by WRI and Science-based Targets Initiative

Updated : October 2020


  • EHS professionals
  • Senior or top management
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) aims to mobilize companies across the apparel and footwear value chain to set ambitious SBTs. The guidance refines existing corporate strategies by clarifying which target-setting methods are applicable for this sector, including case studies on best practices in target-setting and emissions reductions. 

The document is intended for companies across the apparel and footwear value chain—retailers, brands, finished goods manufacturers, mills, etc.—that are primarily engaged in activities that contribute to the production, sale, and transportation of apparel and footwear products. It also includes general depictions of the sector value to help companies determine how the different scopes of GHG emissions pertain to them based on their business activities. The guide also include several examples of companies’ GHG inventories help readers understand how emissions generally break down across scopes.

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  1. Apparel and footwear sector - Science based Target Guidance


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