90% of accelerated GHG abatement for textiles can be done below $60/ton of GHG - McKinsey

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Around 90% of accelerated GHG abatement can be delivered below a cost of US$60/ton of GHG emissions and 55% of actions could lead to cost savings, says a McKinsey report.

This is extremely encouraging. If indeed a large number of GHG abatement activities for the textile industry are technically and economically feasible, what could really accelerate their implementation would be incentives and business models that will make it easy for the industry stakeholders to start off on these. Perhaps initiatives such as low or zero cost loans, removing upfront costs by making capital expenses into operating expenses through leasing or rental models, and perhaps creating effective awareness campaigns around these for the textile industry stakeholders could be of great help.

What else could be done to accelerate these economically feasible - and perhaps even attractive - GHG abatement projects?