Women represent about 80% of textile industry workforce in some countries


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National and regional policy makers


Production professionals

Women represent the vast majority of textile and apparel industry workforce - up to about 80% in some manufacturing countries (Source: BCG/GFA)

This is a powerful stat indeed - 80% of workforce being women.

In parallel, many studies have also concluded that women’s empowerment can have a significant positive effect on climate change and global warming (see resources on this topic from IUCN, UNFCCC, UN Women, FAO - full of wonderfully done infographics, and World Economic Forum).

Given the above two aspects, what a powerful thing it would be for the textile industry to take women’s empowerment as a dominant theme in their sustainability efforts! Such efforts  could build a more powerful and effective labour force for themselves while doing their bit to climate change and global warming.

We welcome your ideas on women’s empowerment opportunities and avenues in the textile and fashion industry.