Textiles exports are 10% of GDP for some countries


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For Vietnam and Bangladesh, their textile exports are about 10% of their total GDP (2017)

Both these countries export textiles in the $25-30 billion/year range. That’s an awful lot, given that their national GDPs are in the $250-300 billion range.

At 10%, textiles are probably one of the largest, if not the single largest, export earner for these countries.

What could it mean to sustainability? A lot, we think.

If the brands to whom these countries export to are becoming more sustainable, it is imperative that the suppliers become more sustainable too, else their growth prospects could be in trouble. And if the growth of a critical export earning sector is in trouble, it is highly likely that the respective governments would bring in all their weight to make the industry sustainable.

What all these point to is that efforts to make the textile sectors of Vietnam and Bangladesh sustainable are likely to get significantly higher support from many national stakeholders than they are likely to from other supplier countries for which textiles is one of the many export earners.

What do you think? And if you think what we think, how do you think these countries' textile industries can be propelled to the next orbit?