Using clothing twice as many times results in 50% reduction in environmental footprint


City and local administration

Marketing or sales professionals


Retailers or wholesalers

Textile education professionals

Twice as many uses per garment life cycle eliminated almost 50% of impact, regardless of impact category (RISE, Chalmers Univ of Tech)

This may not be surprising - twice the extent of use of the same garment should logically mean half the number of garments made and hence half the impact, shouldn't it?

Well, that logic and math may not hold good always. For instance, using older garments could mean more washes, and you might hence end up using more resources for maintaining old garments than not-so-old ones - you get the idea.

So it was good to see that someone had provided proof -- after detailed research - that using garments for longer could mean significant impact on energy, environment and resources.

If only the fashion and apparel industry are able to get all their consumers use each garment they purchase for twice as long! Now, if that sounds like a self defeating objective (half the number of garments could mean half the sales!), it need not be - how about making better quality, longer lasting garments that cost twice of what the current garments do?

It will indeed be wonderful to have a debate on the topic of how indeed the entire textile and apparel industry stakeholders can make this transition happen to a scenario in which their products are used for a much longer period and many more times.