Mentions of sustainability in social media grew about 30% faster than social media itself



Marketing or sales professionals

National and regional policy makers


Retailers or wholesalers

Mentions of sustainability in social media grew a third faster than overall social media growth between 2015 and 2018 (GCA/BCG/SAC 2019)

So here's another estimate that only strengthens the hypothesis that there’s a real buzz around sustainability in the consumer and end user segments.

But for themes like sustainability, having a buzz is one thing and the buzz getting converted to something of value is quite another. As many of you would have noticed, a good part of such buzz are about relatively trivial things and quick fixes. Buzz around such shallow themes will not lead anywhere.

At the same time, what this stat means is that, if businesses are able to come up with impactful sustainability solutions, they have a pretty solid word of mouth and viral marketing platform already available to take their product to the market with little investments needed for marketing.

Will be wonderful to hear from others on effective ways such buzz can be created for sustainable solutions aimed at the B2B sector within the textile and apparel markets. as the B2B products and solutions usually don't have the glitter and sexiness that B2C products do.