In 2018, 95% of cotton sourced by H&M could be considered sustainable

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In 2018, 95% of cotton sourced by H&M was sustainable - organic, recycled or cotton sourced through Better Cotton Initiative (Source: H&M).

This is certainly impressive. If a large firm is able to get close to 100% of its textile fiber in pathways that could be termed sustainable, it is indeed a big deal.

As each of the sustainable pathways - be it recycling or organic cotton - becomes more reliable and structured, it becomes easier for large companies to go sustainable on scale. This is already being demonstrated by the Better Cotton Initiative who are now able to train millions of cotton farmers every year on sustainable practices, and hence become ideal partners for large cotton users such as H&M.

What could be other such organized efforts for textile industry sustainability which make it easier for the industry to achieve sustainability at scale?