Plastics for textiles uses 350 million tons of oil a year


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Producing plastics based fibers for textiles used about 350 million barrels of oil every year (2015 Nordic Fashion Assn).

The world produced about 30 billion barrels of oil in 2019. Synthetic textile fibers thus consume just over 1% of total oil produced - a very large % is obviously used for making transport fuel.

Thus, in the context of oil-based carbon emissions, its use for producing textiles should not be such a worrying thing - after all, even if you completely eliminated oil use in textiles, it would still be emitting 99% of the CO2 it currently does, and would hardly make a blip on their revenue radar.

Use of oil to make textile fibers is a bigger problem because of the non-biodegradable nature of the fiber. What do you think?