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From Agro Waste to Sustainable Bioplastic

Texchem Polymers has successfully launched the new range of bio-plastics materials to global market with compounded plastics resins derived from agricultural by-products, namely TEXa®. It is a USDA certified bio-based material sourced from agricultural by-products and provides sustainable solution to reduce global warming with a balance of performance and cost.

TEXa® turns Agro waste into valuable resources and reduces the use of fossil based plastics. Comprised of at least 51% biomass from Agro-waste, TEXa® is durable bioplastic that can be reused multiple times, thereby reduces the demand for new product or virgin resources. 

TEXa® product is durable and can be reused multiple times. It can be sent for recycling for end of life treatment.

Agro Waste to Sustainable Bioplastic

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