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Industry : Green Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Design

The course will provide a simplified LCA learning experience that introduces participants to the concept of life cycle thinking in the umbrella of packaging, the basics of conducting an LCA, and some practical experience building simple LCA models in PackageSmart, a user-friendly packaging LCA program.


  • Sustainable Packaging Systems
  • Life Cycle Assessment
    • Goal & Scope
    • Inventory Analysis
  • PackageSmart Orientation
  • Use of LCA in packaging to evaluate end-of-life scenario
    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery, Residual management
  • Life Cycle Assessment
    • Impact Assessment
    • Interpretation
  • Keeping it in Perspective


About the Company

EarthShift Global

EarthShift Global is a woman-owned business, led by Lise Laurin, CEO and Founder of EarthShift.

Building a more sustainable business model and improving corporate sustainability can pay big rewards. EarthShift Global has worked with progressive companies across a broad range of industries, successfully building trust in their brands, improving environmental performance, and increasing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rating