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Heliogen has developed a concentrated solar solution utilizing unique advanced computer vision software to precisely align an array of mirrors, reflecting sunlight to a single target with unprecedented accuracy. Heliogen&rsquo's technology concentrates, stores, and refines sunlight into cost-effective energy on demand.


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    Concentrated solar solution


    • This near 24/7, renewable energy is available as heat, electricity, or fuel in modular deployments
    • 3 solutions
      • HelioHeat - for heavy industrial processes
      • HelioPower - for industries
      • HelioFuel

    More details

    • HelioMax -  array of computer controlled mirrors for sunligh concentration
    • HelioHeat - ultra high temperature heat upto 1500 deg C is generated
    • HelioFuel - green fuels like hydrogen is generated
    • Patented closed-loop control system with heliostats
    • Modular tech - available in 5 MW modules; scalable to 100s of MWs

    About the company

    Heliogen is a renewable energy technology company unlocking the power of sunlight to replace fossil fuels. Cost-effectively replacing fossil fuels solves the world’s CO2 problem and Heliogen develops the technology to do just that.


    Heliogen - 130 W Union St. Pasadena, CA 91103; Ph: 626.720.4530; Email: