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E-rickshaws emerging as winners in India's e-mobility race

E-rickshaws emerging as winners in India's e-mobility race

Electric rickshaws constitute over 80% of the total electric vehicle market in India

Five years back, no one could have predicted the segment that would grow the fastest in India's e-mobility market.

Low-end electric rickshaws, many of them with small batteries and low-power motors are clanking all over the place in many Indian cities.

Why is this good?

One, it provides a swift acceleration to India's e-mobility sector that is otherwise much slower than expected in most other segments - electric scooters, cars and buses. But electric rickshaws also provide significant social benefits as they have enabled tens of thousands of poor manual rickshaw pullers in India to find employment, which they were losing with the steady disappearance of the manual rickshaw market.

So here is one example that ticks all the three Ps of sustainability - environmental, social and economic.

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