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H&M rethinks denim design

H&M rethinks denim design

The fashion giant uses recommendations from a sustainable design project initiated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

In 2019, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Make Fashion Circular initiative defined how denim design and production could fit into circular economy principles, through durability, recyclability and responsible use of resources.

The fashion giant H&M participatied in this project, and based on its learnings, launched a men's denim collection inspired by natural simplicity in Oct 2020.

What we find interesting here are two aspects: One, the impressive work that Ellen MacArthur Foundation is doing for fashion sustainability, especially its strategic approach and willingness to getting down to basics. Two, a large firm such as H&M going beyond just project participating and ensuring that they put into practice the key learnings.

As anyone will tell you, the latter is always a bit difficult to do.

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