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"Reducing emissions from livestock" platform from DSM

"Reducing emissions from livestock" platform from DSM

The global food, nutrition and materials company has launched a comprehensive sustainability platform that offers multiple solutions to decrease livestock emissions

You feel good when you see corporates take a comprehensive approach to tackling tough challenges such as climate change.

DSM's recent launch of a platform of solutions to reduce livestock emissions seems to be an effort in this category.

It's multiple solutions target the following: Improving nitrogen utilisation efficiency (NUE) in poultry, ammonia reduction in swine operations, efficient feed phytase for reducing the reliance on mineral phosphates, direct methane reduction in ruminants and improves feed efficiency and decreasing environmental emissions.

While CO2 emissions are in the limelight, reducing emissions of other GHGs such as ammonia and CH4 are equally critical. DSM's efforts targetting these other GHGs thus make them valuable.

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