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Porsche Working on synthetic liquid biofuels

Porsche Working on synthetic liquid biofuels

Porsche has developed a synthetic liquid fuel whose overall carbon footprint it claims rivals that of electric vehicles

Wondering what's going on?

It goes something like this.

You first produce hydrogen through electrolysis of water. You then react this hydrogen with CO2 in the atmosphere and create a synthetic liquid fuel very similar to gasoline. 

So, you have now produced fuel that can run your existing cars (no new EVs and charging stations needed), but a fuel that has a low NET carbon footprint because the CO2 your exhuast emits was originally captured from the air during fuel production.

If the whole thing sounds like mumbo jumbo, we can assure you it is not. Technically everything that has been claimed by Porsche (which apparently uses a tech developed by Exxon Mobil) is quite feasible.

What are not clear are the scalability and economics, and also the actual data on CO2 footprint, as there is considerable energy spent along the entire fuel production chain.

At this stage, we at E2Expo would classify this as a bit futuristic,

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