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Eugene Airport Lets Passengers Buy Carbon Footprint-balancing Offsets

Eugene Airport Lets Passengers Buy Carbon Footprint-balancing Offsets

The Airport has partnered with The Good Traveler, a carbon-offset program that tacks onto the ticket price money for carbon sequestration and capture projects

An eco-conscious traveller should perhaps not travel at all unless needed - but that's being a bit harsh, isn't that?

Once travel resumes post COVID, you have the option to fly with a slightly less guilt about the carbon your travel is emitting.

The Good Traveller, founded in 2015 by San Diego International Airport, provides a carbon offsetting service for air travellers. 

How does this work? On the one hand, The Good Traveller team works with many projects in the US that reduce CO2 footprint - many of them in the carbon capture and sequestering space. It tacks on a price to your ticket, and this amount goes towards implementing the CO2 emissions reductions projects.

With sustainability and climate change becoming mainstream topics and with every survey showing that a large part of the affluent population worldwide are keen to do their bit, scalable ideas such as these could make dollars from tens of millions of consumers&nbs

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