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Luxury repair services by Farfetch

Luxury repair services by Farfetch

Farfetch Fix offers bespoke repairs by experts that returns designer goods, handbags and small leather goods to their former glory

What is the most sustainable product? It is the one that is not produced when it is not needed!

This will probably be even more true in the context of luxury goods into which more resources and energy are likely to have been invested during its production.

Repairing luxury goods is thus both environment smart and purse smart.

It is in this context that Farfetch Fix makes a lot of sense. 

Farfetch is a leading marketplace for luxury goods. Its Farfetch Fix aimed at extending life of luxury fashion products and has been launched in collaboration with ReStory.  Customers can have their favourite designer items, including shoes, bags, leather goods returned to The ReStory and get them repaired.


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