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Nilit launches sustainable pre-dyed fibres

Nilit launches sustainable pre-dyed fibres

By dyeing fibers at yarn stage instead of at fabric stage, process saves on water and decreases wastewater

Wastewater from textile industry constitutes a large portion of the total global industrial wastewater. Dyeing of fabrics is responsible for a substantial part of such water pollution.

While a number of approaches and innovations are taking place for textile wastewater reduction and remediation, one interesting approach by Nilit has seen good success.

Nilit is pre-dyeing its nylon fibers at yarn stage using natural colours. The company claims that this process gives the garments uniform colour depth even at high temperatures and colord do not wash out in laundry

More important from a sustainability perspective, this process saves water, energy, and chemicals used in textile dyeing, resulting in reduced process time, water treatment costs, and water pollution.

Looks like an innovation to explore further for the rest of the fashion industry.

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