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Eugene Airport Lets Passengers Buy Carbon Footprint-balancing Offsets

An eco-conscious traveller should perhaps not travel at all unless needed - b...

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Ambitious climate bill to become law in Ireland

Ireland’s government agrees on climate bill to set 2050 net zero goal i...

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New Zealand delivers next phase of climate action

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern seems to be a rare breed of politic...

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India's ITC Windsor is world’s first hotel to achieve LEED Zero Carbon Certification

The term "responsible luxury" might sound like sarcasm to you, and ...

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Earth friendly football

Sustainability and sports. If that doesn't sound like a combination that ...

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South Australia's remarkable progress in renewable energy

That's a pretty stunning statistic, more so because we are not talking ab...

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Unleashing creativity of schools to combat climate change

The interesting research from Brookings says "If only 16 percent of high...

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Environmentalist, automaker on same US commission

It is a sign of times that people from the opposite ends of the spectrum find...

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