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Industry : Green Packaging

Biodegradable food wrappers that are also antibacterial

University: Indian Institute of Technology

Objective of study: Developed a biodegradable food wrapper to cut down plastic waste

Process and applications:

  • A biodegradable, antibacterial wrapping paper that can solve two major problems prevent contamination of food, and reduce plastic pollution
  • A food wrap that will address two major issues, namely solid waste and food contamination during storage due to bacterial growth
  • The antibacterial compound should be safe for consumption as it is approved by the authorities and does not cause any toxicity


  • The wrapping material degraded rapidly in moist conditions when compared to dry ones. Hence, the wrapper is eco-friendly and can play a major role in plastic waste reduction

University Details

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Indian Institute of Technology Madras is a public technical and research university located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Know more

Professor Mukesh Doble - LinkedIn


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Biodegradable Food Wrappers


Biodegradable and Antibacterial Food Wrapper by IIT Madras