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Industry : Green Packaging

Reusable packaging up to 85% more climate-friendly than single-use

University: University of Utrecht

Objective of study: This includes parameters such as production, transport, number of reuse opportunities, and end-of-life treatment

Process and applications:

  • Reusable glass bottles produce 85% fewer carbon emissions than a single-use glass bottle, 75% fewer carbon emissions than plastic (PET), and 57% fewer carbon emissions than aluminium cans
  • A reusable plastic crate produces 88% fewer carbon emissions than a single-use cardboard box, 64% fewer emissions than a box made of mixed materials, and 5% fewer emissions than a wooden crate
  • The way packaging is transported, including distance and mode of transport, has the biggest effect on a piece of packaging’s environmental impact


  • Reusable packaging - such as bottles, crates, jars, and others - produce far fewer carbon emissions 

University Details

University of Utrecht

Utrecht University is a public research university in Utrecht, Netherlands Know more

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Reusable Packaging more climate-friendly