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Industry : Green Packaging

New aluminium recycling can drive manufacturing prosperity

University: University of New South Wales

Objective of study: Offers new possibilities for the re-purposing of polymer-laminated aluminium products, such as food and coffee packaging

Process and applications:

  • The new technique to recover aluminium from complex, multilayered packaging is based on the microrecycling science pioneered by the SMaRT Centre
  • Way to sustainably recycle polymer-laminated aluminium packaging (PLAP) materials, such as post-consumer food and coffee packaging, into high-quality aluminium
  • We developed Green Steel technology where we extract hydrogen and carbon from old rubber tyres and plastic as an innovative and green pathway in steelmaking


  • Recycling using new technologies can be a foundation for the manufacturing of high-quality materials from our waste resources, as we seek to develop greater sovereign capability along with economic prosperity

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University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales is a public research university based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Know more

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Re-purposing of polymer-laminated aluminium products

Professor Veena Sahajwalla