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Industry : Green Packaging

New Technique to Recycle Polystyrene into Value-Added Products

University: Clemson University

Objective of study: Plastics must be recycled or transformed into new value-added products

Process and applications:

  • Ball-milling is a method in which materials are placed in a milling vial with metal ball bearings, which is agitated until a preferred chemical reaction takes place.
  • This method is dubbed mechanochemistry and finds several applications in new materials synthesis, offering appealing features with respect to plastics recycling
  • This method represents an important breakthrough that enables dismantling of a polymer simultaneously with its break-down under ambient conditions
  • Re-processed polymers exhibit inferior performance compared to the newly manufactured 'made from scratch' materials


  • A low  energy, green process to break down polystyrene, a kind of plastic used extensively in cutlery, disposable food containers, foam packaging materials 

University Details

Clemson University

Clemson University is a public land-grant research university in Clemson, South Carolina Know more

Professor Igor Luzinov - LinkedIn


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