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Industry : Green Packaging

Alternatives to plastic

University: São Paulo State University

Objective of study: Reducing the growing generation of solid waste in the form of dumped plastic food packaging

Process and applications:

  • Industrial waste is reused to produce alternatives to plastic
  • Reused bacterial cellulose scraps usually thrown away by manufacturers of wound dressings to make strong biodegradable film for food packaging
  • The film is made from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and bacterial cellulose scraps left over from industrial processing
  • Both raw materials are sustainable. They are combined to produce a biodegradable film of bacterial cellulose nanocrystals and HPMC


  • Wanted to create greener protocols for the development of novel composites, from the material itself to its origin
  • It gives the material distinct properties such as high tensile strength

University Details

São Paulo State University, Brazil

São Paulo State University is one of the six public universities of the Brazilian state of São Paulo. UNESP is part of the state’s higher education system and the only Brazilian member of the Compostela Group of Universities.

Márcia Regina de Moura Aouada


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Scraps left over from production of wound dressing film