About E2Expo

Achieving global sustainability is complex.

Untying this complex knot and getting back to “normal” requires using a range of solutions, with only some of them technical.

At E2Expo, our objective is to significantly move the needle on global sustainability - a rather modest aim, as we are sure you will agree :-)

How exactly do we plan to do this?

It is well acknowledged that industries and businesses (rather than end users) will need to be given the dominant responsibility to sort out this mess - one, because they created it and two, because they have more motivation, power and resources to do it than any other segment. This reasoning forms the basis of E2Expo.

Put together by a team that has been providing management consulting services in the fields of sustainability and cleantech for over a decade, E2Expo takes a unique approach in its aim to engage industries for global sustainability efforts. The following schematic conveys our overall method:

  • Focus on key industries
  • Focus on key stakeholder segments within the industry
  • Identify critical sustainability challenges for each stakeholder
  • Identify and organize current and emerging solutions for these challenges
  • Identify and organize other resources that will help the stakeholder in understanding the solutions better
  • Enable the stakeholder to start off the implementation process for relevant solutions

While the above illustration appears simple, we are confident that the focussed and organized nature of intelligence and resources provided at E2Expo has the power to ignite hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of sustainability sparks within the industry community worldwide.

The first industry we are focussing on is the textile and fashion industry, a large and diverse industry that is also a significant contributor to pollution in all forms - greenhouse gases, land and water pollution. Besides, the industry is a large consumer of natural and synthetic resources, and on the positive side, employs over 200 million people worldwide generating economic value of over $ 2 trillion annually.

Provided below are details of the sections at E2Expo for textile and fashion industry sustainability.

We hope you find our approach and execution valuable. We will be glad to listen to what you have to say - do send a note to us at feedback@e2expo.com

Thank you for being here and wanting to know about us.

The following are the key sections at E2expo


TThis section provides the list of stakeholders for the textile and fashion industry for whom E2Expo has provided intelligence on specific challenges, relevant solutions, and other tools and resources to enable them move forward fast on sustainability.

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Get to know the critical challenges faced by the textile and fashion industry in the context.of sustainability and useful resources for tackling these

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How are the diverse cleantech and clean energy solutions being used to enhance the textile industry sustainabIlity? Get to know from this section

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Carbon Focus

This section presents different types of initiatives and measures through which the apparel industry can make meaningful progress by decarbonizing the value chain.

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The E2Expo Debate provides an interesting and.unique platform for all stakeholders to engage in productive discussion on key themes and topics in the context of textile and fashion sustainability

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This section provides an overview of some of the most innovative and accessible sustainable textile solutions from around the world.

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This section presents newly released products that are sustainable, loaded with new features, and delivers on solving acute environmental challenges present in the textile and apparel industry.

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Top View

This section goes further in identifying key design elements and underlying strategies that uphold the systems thinking approach and assist both research and practice that help develop and improve existing business models.

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This section highlights a wide range of clean technology across themes such as fiber, yarn and fabric production, chemical processing, garment manufacturing, and recycling.

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This section presents a curated list, from around the world, of such efforts in the textile and apparel sector.

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Support Organizations

A number of organizations already providing exceptional support to move the various parts of the textile industry supply chain towards sustainability. Get to know about these organizations and their efforts

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Use the Library to identify valuable reference resources for standards, sustainability tools, videos of workshops and conferences, and insightful interviews on sustainability

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