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Kapok tree fibres for natural textile yarns and fabrics

Updated : December 2020


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Kapok trees for cellulose fibres

Flocus is a textile brand that produces natural yarns blends, fabrics, and fillings made with kapok, a natural cellulose fiber found in the dried fruit of the kapok tree. The kapok trees are self-sufficient and can be naturally grown without the use of pesticides and insecticide in arid soil not suitable for agricultural farming, offering a sustainable alternative, to high water consumption natural fiber crops such as cotton.

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Kapok fiber

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Natural cellulose fibre

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Pro Flocus


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Highlights and sustainability benefits

Kapok fibre is 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. In every application, during the production process, and at the end of the product's life, kapok is regenerative. Indeed, over-consumption of kapok actually protects the environment.



In 2017, ISPO Textrends counted Flocus' vegan filling among the Top Ten products for the fall/winter collection. Flocus was chosen as one of the 15 start-ups that will take part in Fashion for Good's Plug and Play  accelerator initiative.

About the Work

The company works in close collaboration with the supplychain partners to ensure a closed loop manufacturing process and tailor made solutions. Kapok fibre is organic by default, and therefore requires no certification. However, its supply chain partners include spinners, weavers and other organisations which blend kapok with other fibres - and their processes operate under globally recognized certifications such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

About the Innovator

Flocus, based out of Shangai, was founded by Jeroen Muijsers in 2014. Its products present a range of kapok textile materials, which provide the textile industry with a naturally sustainable and regenerative alternative that has not previously been available.

Discussion topics

Potential for kapok fibres in textile applications and insulation materials


Environmental benefits of kapok fibres cultivation


Performance testing for new fibers such as those from kapok


Potential of new non-food crops for textile applications


Suitable textile end uses of kapok fibres


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