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Bioinspired textile fiber from liquid protein gel

Updated : December 2020


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Water and protein based high performance textiles

Spintex has reproduced spider's unique spinning capabitilities artificially. They spin the fibres at room temperature, just by pulling from a liquid protein gel, without harsh chemicals. Their process is more efficient than equivalent plastic fibres, and water is the only by-product. Uniquely produced, their fibres are biodegradable and cannot bioaccumulate.


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Bioinspired spinning in textile production

High-performance fibers in textile industry

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Highlights and sustainability benefits

The fibres and completely biodegradable and do not bioaccumulate.


Spintex is nominated in the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge, an annual competition in sustainability in UK.

About the Work

The fibres are high-performance, with the strength and toughness for rigorous applications, whilst remaining lightweight. Tuneable properties allow for endless forms and functions, whilst precision engineering provides high levels of compliance. Spintex’s fibres have been quickly taken up in the sustainable fashion industry, but their high-performance can also be used in the transport and aerospace industries

About the Innovator

Founded in 2018 as a spinout from the University of Oxford, by co-founders Alex Greenhalgh, Martin Frydrych and Fritz Vollrath, Spintex has consistently been pushing the boundaries of their bioinspired spinning and silk materials to provide much needed solution in sustainable and technical textiles.

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Use of biomimicry to make textile and fashion products


Natural protein based high performance textile fibres





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