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Digital clothing - novel 3D fashion using blockchain technology

Updated : December 2020


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Virtual fashion models for textile waste prevention

Growing needs of sustainability and transparency have enabled many companies to offer digital solutions to ease the operations while maintaining efficiencies. The Fabricant is a digital clothing company which operates at the intersection of fashion and technology, fabricating digital couture and fashion experiences. It specialises in fashion design and animation in photo-real 3D, which can be used in digital fashion editorials, digital clothing and occasional collections. It develops end-to-end 3D narratives for customers and consumers, from concept to implementation, thereby creating interactive brand experiences. 

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Digital clothing

3D model in digital fashion

Blockchain technology in fashion

Virtual fashion designs

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The Fabricant


| Denmark

Year Established


Highlights and sustainability benefits

The company works using blockchain technology to digitally create fabrics and hence no resources are being wasted. It has created a thought couture to enable consumers think about digital fashion and the impact it has on the industry and the consumer. It is building a platform where people will be able to wear, buy and share digital clothes, curate their own styles using digital items and more. Using blockchain technology, each piece of digital couture is given a unique identification number to make it difficult for duplication.


The company in collaboration with Soorty, a denim garment manufacturer and other leading brands has developed digital clothing and 3D clothing models.

About the Work

The company uses technology to create intriguing and seductive fashion narratives of endless possibility, unconstrained by the boundaries of the physical realm.

About the Innovator

Amber Jae Slooten, the founder of The Fabricant has a traditional background in the fashion design. Through her interest in traditional cloth making and also gaming, she came up with the idea of integrating 3D and fashion. With the help of her business partner Kerry Murphy, the company was set up in 2018. In 2019, The Fabricant sold a couture dress on a blockchain auction in New York for 9500 US dollars.

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Potential for 3D digital clothing designs in the fashion industry


Potential for virtual fashion to accelerate sustainability in textile industry


Innovations in digital solutions and blockchain technologies for sustainable fashion




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