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Dissolvable threads for smart garment recycling

Updated : December 2020


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Threads that dissolve in hot water to facilitate garment recycling

Textile recycling is a time-consuming, costly process involving manual removal of zippers and buttons. Resortecs solves this problem by producing a dissolvable stitching thread for easy repair and recycling of garments. Used in attaching trimmings, such as zippers, buttons and fasteners, the threads are aimed at garment repair, recycling and reusing materials from unsold stock by dissolving when exposed to heat at temperatures of 160-200 deg C.

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Dissolvable stitches

Textile repair and recycling

Clothing disassembly

Heat sensitive textile stitching threads

Innovative textile trimming waste management process

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Highlights and sustainability benefits

The technology helps in reducing the cost volatility of virgin materials, encourages new business models such as textiles repair and sharing, optimize delabeling and re-manufacturing of unused inventory, improve the quality of second hand textiles and more.

Resortecs’ thread does not require modifications in manufacturing or design. The company in collaboration with unspun, a jeans manufacturer has assisted in reducing the carbon emissions by about 27% by minimizing wastage and use of virgin materials.


The company has received Global Change Award's recognition and an award prize of €150,000 in 2018.

About the Work

This stitching thread enables simple repairing and recycling of used textiles. When used for regular seams, the whole piece of clothing can easily be disassembled so that the fabric can be used over and over in new ways, cutting the need to produce fabric from scratch. The textiles can be heated in an oven, hot water or other simple heating methods to dissolve the threads.

About the Innovator

Resortecs was founded by Cédric Vanhoeck, a design engineer. The team's board of advisors bring insight from academic research, brand experience, IP law, sorting and recycling expertise. The company is a registered brand name by REGENERATION BVBA which enables a circular economy in fashion, furniture and automotive industry. With its innovative technology, the company aims to increase the percentage of garment recycling from 1% to 30%. The company is also in discussions for partnerships with Ellen Macarthur Foundation, H&M Foundation and more.

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