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Water-less sustainable dyeing solutions for recycled polyester textiles

Updated : December 2020


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Solution dyed synthetic fibres for water less textile dyeing

Polyester dyeing is a complex process and has its own challenges such as colour levelness, dyeing resilience, colour repetition and more. Further water consumption is a problem for textile dyeing. Chromuch advances a new standard in sustainable color design with its innovations in solution dyed synthetic fiber. Chromuch fibers are rich in color, colorfast, earth-friendly and are made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and use absolutely no water in the dyeing process. 

With Chromuch Now, developers can select colors up front, eliminating the need to color-match. The fibers are a premium product, designed to be developer-friendly and meet the highest standards in performance textiles.

Chromuch's patented ChromShield technology offers the deepest blacks, richest reds and the brightest blues, and protects its vibrant colour wash after wash, hike after hike. ChromShield technology is not only fade resistant, it also allows for a variety of performance functions on-demand such as quick-dry, antibacterial, UV blocking, or heat-retention.

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Water efficient dyeing process in textile production

Recycled synthetic fibres

Solution dyed synthetic textile fibres

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Highlights and sustainability benefits

Chromuch's water-free dyeing solution saves 3 gallons of fresh water per yard of fabric and for every kilogram of Chromuch fibre, 77 plastic bottles are removed from landfills and seas.

Chromuch solution dyed fibres are made of recycled PET bottles and are GRS 4.0 certified. The synthetcs fiber additionally are Bluesign, Higg Index certified, Oeko-tex, ISO-14001 and more.


The company has received patent for its ChromShield technology. It meets bluesign®, Higg Index Certification, OEKO-TEX® and ISO-14001 standards. The company launched its product at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2019 trade show.

About the Work

Chromuch solution dyed polyester fibers are made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and use absolutely no water in the dyeing process. The newly-developed synthetic fiber is rich in color, fade-resistant and earth-friendly, making the sustainable fiber an important choice in developer-friendly performance textiles.

About the Innovator

Chromuch is a Taipei based company which is reinventing color at the fiber level, by advancing a new standard in sustainable color design and takes the guesswork and compromise out of the equation.

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Water less sustainable dyeing solutions for synthetic textiles


Water less sustainable dyeing technologies are at niche stage. Efforts has to be made by impact investors to make it commercial and available at various scales so all types of companies can utilize it


Sustainability comparison of solution dyed fibre technology compared to fabric dyeing





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