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Fungi and agro waste for sustainable leather

Updated : December 2020


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Mushroom and agro forestry waste for leather

Mycotech Lab, is an Indonesian firm producing sustainable leather products from agricultural waste and mushroom mycelia. The company partners with local communities to carry out the entire production process across the value chain.

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Vegan leather

Fungi based fashion

Agrowaste based leather

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  1. Mycotech Lab


Mycotech Lab


| Indonesia

Year Established


Highlights and sustainability benefits

Over 250 kgs of agroforestry wastes are upcycled every month for its production processes. The post production wastewater complies to local regulations. The products produced are strong, sustainable and have similar properties compared to conventional leather materials. 


The company is certified as B corporation by third party management professionals as a proof in following sustainable production practices.

About the Work

A circular economy model is followed across the production process and thus the production waste materials are reused while post consumer materials are landfilled which get degraded in a sustainable manner. 

About the Innovator

The company was founded by Adi Reza Nugroho and Ronaldiaz Hartantyo. The goal of the company is to provide a high-performance and sustainable material through biotechnology for global market by empowering local communities. The team comprises innovators with a background in biotechnology, mycelium sourcing and product production professionals and EHS professionals.

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