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Handcrafted footwear from tires

Updated : December 2020


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Non recyclable tires to fashion footwear soles

Landfilling of tires is a major problem as they come up to the top of the landfills by trapping methane gases and damaging caps and liners. Indosole is an organic, repurposed footwear firm in California, with a manufacturing facility in Bali, Indonesia. It is involved in creating fashionable products in collaboration with artisans. The company follows an organic, toxic free and environmentally sustainable production process. The company manufactures flipflops, shoes, slides, cross and other footwear models for men, women and children. The company works on repurposing rubber tyres, which are consciously sourced from landfills, mechanic garages, and gutters from all around Bali and other islands of Indonesia.

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Recycled tires for fashion

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Highlights and sustainability benefits

The company uses waste tires which will not decompose in landfill, and recycles them to fashionable soles. The products are waterproof, antibacterial in nature, provide a natural comfort owing to the presence of natural rubber, have a cushioning effect, contains natural fibre called enviro fibre and natural dye in the supple strap, and can be used in all terrains. As of 2019, the company has saved more than 8,000 tires from landfill, sold more than 16,000 pairs of shoes and currently employs more than 40 local Balinese artisans. It also repurposes other materials like burlap sacks, coffee wrappers and dried grass stitched together.


The company has been certified B corporation to ensure that the products are manufactured in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way. It has also been qualified for Kiva’s direct-to-social enterprise (DSE) loan program, which provides loans to small, socially-impactful companies

About the Work

It collaborates with a manufacturer in Bali to intercept tires on the way to landfills all over Indonesia. The sandal soles are cut out of the tires by hand and the rest of the shoes are constructed from organic canvas, banana leaves or grass. The process involves proprietary Sole Engineered Tyre Technology (SETT) which pulverises the tyre into a fine powder and resets it with natural and recycled rubber.

About the Innovator

The company was founded by Kyle Parsons and his business partner Faye in 2009. Kyle, who when visiting Indonesia, came across sandals made of motor bike tires and understood the harmful effects of disposing tires. Indosole was thus formed in 2009 with the support of Indonesian artisans. The company has its headquarters in California and also works out of Singapore and Australia. The company aims to save 1 million tires from Indonesian landfills and convert them to fashionable footwear.

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