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Upcycling textile factory waste into limited edition fabric collections

Updated : December 2020


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Season-less upcycled textiles from factory waste

Doodlage upcycles factory waste into short limited edition collections. They recycle post consumer waste and post cutting scraps into new fabrics to create season-less well finished garments made for longevity. The waste generated by Doodleage is segregated and converted into accessories, soft furnishing products and paper to make their packaging or stationery products. 

All their pieces and fabrics are made with ethical production units and the packaging is designed to be plastic free.


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Repurposing textile waste into new garments

Upcycling textile production scraps into new accessories

Ethical and sustainable fashion in textile industry

Creative collaboration in sustainable textile fashion

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| India

Year Established


Highlights and sustainability benefits

The process enables textile waste management professionals to look for sustainable alternatives, thus reducing the environmental impact of improper textile waste disposal.


Over the years, Doodlage has launched several sustainability based initiatives and collaborated with other local ethical fashion brands as well including Iro Iro from Jaipur. They have featured their collections in pop-up events in New Delhi, have launched an saree repurposing initiative and collaborated with Tata Cliq's Indian design section 'Indiluxe".

Doodlage's collaboration with Tencel India resulted in their limited edition collection being showcased at Lakme Fashion Week SS 2019. They also work with NGOs like Samarpan and Goonj. Doodlage collaborates with other brands and export houses to make something exclusive for them from fabrics leftover from their productions including bags, home accessories and furnishings.

About the Work

Doodlage collects textile waste and scraps waste from large fabric manufacturers to create fashion products. Every fabric designed is meant to be one of a kind. While Doodlage also ends up generating waste in their processes, this is shredded to create new fabric that goes into home furnishing and bags.

About the Innovator

Doodlage is an ethical fashion brand with the aim of increasing sustainable textile production and agriculture. The brand has a flagship ‘Experience Centre’ in New Delhi and also retails from a range of multi-brand stores both off- and online. The label is targeted at anyone between 18 and 45 years. The idea is to make ethical fashion readily available for anyone.

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