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Textile wastewater sludge management - a novel sustainable solution

Updated : December 2020


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Textile industry contributes to 20% of the total industrial water pollution. Of the several processes across the value chain, dyeing and finishing are the major consumers of water followed by harmful chemicals and dyes which results in the generation of huge amounts of hazardous textile wastewater. While several conventional treatment methods such as physical and chemical are being followed, challenges exist in the sustainable disposal of sludge generated owing to their toxicity.

In order to sustainably manage the textile wastewater sludge at affordable costs, SeaChange Technologies, in collaboration with Fashion for Good, Arvind Limited, Bestseller, C&A and PVH Corp has developed a system to evaporate the effluent, safely oxidise toxic organic contaminants and capture dissolved and suspended minerals in a single step process, thus eliminating sludge generation.

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Sustainable textile sludge elimination

Energy efficient textile sludge oxidisation

Energy efficient textile wastewater vapourisation

Single step cyclone separator for textile sludge oxidisation

Ionization techniques for textile sludge oxidisation

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  1. Textile wastewater sludge management - a novel sustainable solution
  2. SeaChange Technologies


SeaChange Technologies


| United States

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Highlights and sustainability benefits

The process uses less energy, thereby minimizing emissions. It eliminates the generation of sludge and the associated disposal and environmental challenges. The company is also exploring use of renewable energy and heat exchange solutions in the process.

A pilot phase has also been carried out for three months at Arvind Limited to test and evaluate the feasibility of widescale implementation of the system.


The company has won the 2020 Global Change Award by H&M Foundation.

About the Work

Wastewater or sludge is heated, pressurised and injected as an aerosol into a cyclonic separator which removes unwanted materials, microplastics and other non-biodegradable components from the water. Due to heat and presence of oxygen in the air, these organic compounds undergo thermal oxidisation causing them to degrade to CO2. The process involves creation of an ionisation stage with the water which generates free radicals to destroy the harmful organic materials.

About the Innovator

SeaChange Technologies is a Raleigh, NC based startup with a patented water treatment technology. Founded in 2014, the company provides sustainable single step solutions to manage industrial wastes by eliminating sludge, chemical discharge, and GHG emissions.

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