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Novel advanced zero liquid discharge and water reuse solutions for Indian textile industries from DuPont

Updated : December 2020


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Growing concerns over increased consumption of freshwater by textile industries and challenges in the sustainable treatment of wastewater and their discharge have resulted in many companies exploring sustainable, cost effective zero liquid discharge and water reuse solutions.

DuPont, in this regard, has developed innovative, economical solutions such as reverse osmosis, ultra filtration and nano-filtration, with novel FilmTec Fortilife membrane products which offers zero liquid discharge at reduced energy and cost. Its solutions enable system designers to achieve efficient, reliable and high recovery systems for large scale facilities.

Compared to conventional membranes, Fortilife membranes are more sturdy, offering extra fouling resistance technique to help tackle various problems related to wastewater from textile industries.

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Cost-effective zero liquid discharge in textiles

Reverse osmosis for textile wastewater reuse

Ultra filtration for textile wastewater treatment

Nano filtration for zero liquid discharge in textiles

Energy efficient textile wastewater treatment

Minimal liquid discharge in textiles

Durable filtration membranes for textile wastewater treatment

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Highlights and sustainability benefits

Zero liquid discharge assists in significantly minimizing the need for freshwater during the process as well as the negative impacts from discharging the hazardous wastewater. Low energy consumption results in both environmental and economic benefits. The company has also tested its solutions in several textile industries - Reliance and other industries from the regions of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.


The company featured its innovative water solutions at the IFAT 2019, a leading trade fair for environmental technologies.

About the Work

DuPont offers different types of solutions for the Indian textile industries depending on their needs, affordability and local requirements - Zero liquid discharge and minimal liquid discharge. Their smallest project includes a single membrane with just one cubic metre of water, while their largest project can go beyond 160 MLD (minimal liquid discharge).

About the Innovator

DuPont is a science and innovation company offering sustainable environmental solutions to various sectors. DuPont Water Solutions offer separation and purification support to markets and industries across the globe, including residential and municipal, power generation, oil and gas, healthcare, commercial industries, chemical and petrochemical, microelectronics, and food and beverage for a wide range of applications, including minimal liquid discharge (MLD).

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