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Novel anaerobic digestion process for livestock manure management

Updated : December 2020


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Anaerobic digestion is a well-known recommended process for sustainable livestock manure management. Recent technology advances have improved the efficiency of the conventional process to produce high quality biogas with improved yield.

In this regard, Sustainable Green Technologies, an Israel firm has developed a patented biological process which has been found to improve the methane yield by about 30% compared to conventional process.

The technology called Integrated Ecosystem Solution (IES) uses innovative microbes which offers a complete solution for livestock farms with no additional chemicals or treatment equipment.

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  2. Sustainable Green Technologies


Sustainable Green Technologies


| Israel

Year Established


Highlights and sustainability benefits

The process facilitates nutrient management and utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus (up to 90 percent removal) from the digestate so they can be sustainably reused. They also comply with the regulations regarding nitrogen/phosphorus loading in arable lands.


The company won the 2019 European Technology Innovation Award.

About the Work

The process produces sustainable end products such as clean energy, reusable water, and a safe, solid fertilizer which can be directly applied to the soil without the need for further post processing techniques. The excess electricity can be sold to the grid. The company has also tested the feasibility of its process through various pilot studies.

About the Innovator

Sustainable Green Technologies (SGTech) is an Israeli startup founded in 2015. The company aims to address environmental issues resulting from improper waste management in the livestock industry. Through in-depth research and development, SGTech develops innovations in nutrient recovery, integrated biogas solutions, and water recycling. The company is in the process of designing and building custom-made treatment plants that suit each farms’ specific needs.

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