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New automation software for energy efficiency in textiles

Updated : December 2020


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B&R, a leading industrial automation solutions provider from Austria, has developed a textile factory automation system called Edge Controller to enable factory operators to monitor all energy sources in a single system. With EnMon (Energy monitoring) solution as an integral part, it enables real-time energy evaluation across all processes, while providing support for continuous process improvement. It also enables factory owners to perform regular energy audits.

Edge Controller also has another monitoring solution called ConMon (Condition monitoring) which helps identify potential sources of malfunction and damage in advance, to enable maintenance team schedule corrective actions.

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Digital solution for real-time textile energy management

Energy management software for textile SMEs

Machinery monitoring software for textiles

Automated textile factory management solution

Real-time energy evaluation in textiles

Integrated process data acquisition in textiles

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  1. New automation software for energy efficiency in textiles


B&R Industrial Automation GmBH


| Austria

Year Established


Highlights and sustainability benefits

The solution is cost-effective and thus enables SMEs to efficiently manage their energy consumption throughout the process through a single system, while also implementing suitable solutions for a sustainable environment. Its condition monitoring data enables reduction in mean time for maintenance while also maintaining the life of process equipment.


The company displayed its advanced automation solutions at the Automation Expo 2019 in Mumbai.

About the Work

The system can monitor energy that is utilised in various forms such as electricity, thermal, gas, compressed air, steam and waste management. Energy monitoring solutions are equipped with libraries and function blocks that are used for processing and analysing measured values in real time. The collected data is analysed and a baseline is identified to get the best possible energy conservation opportunity. Its Integrated PDA (Process Data Acquisition) features enable factory operators to manage operational and production data for machinery and plants from a central location.

About the Innovator

B&R is a leading Austrian company offering factory automation solutions to various industries such as automotive, textiles, oil and gas and more. It works as the ABB Group's global center for machine and factory automation. It offers custom technologies and products according to the needs of the industries.

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